Science Fiction

“Neuromancer” by William Gibson is a groundbreaking science fiction novel featuring a male protagonist named Henry Case. Set in a dystopian future, where corporations hold immense power and technology has advanced exponentially, Case is a washed-up computer hacker living in the underworld of Chiba City, Japan.

Having double-crossed his former employers, Case is left with a damaged nervous system that prevents him from connecting to the virtual reality known as “cyberspace.” Poor and desperate, he is given a chance for redemption when a mysterious employer named Armitage offers to repair his damaged body in exchange for one last hacking job.

As Case delves deeper into the world of hacking and espionage, he encounters an array of fascinating characters, including his new partner, the enigmatic Molly Millions, a badass street samurai with razor-sharp modifications. Together, they navigate the treacherous realms of cyberspace, battling powerful AI entities and malevolent corporations as they uncover a conspiracy that could change the world forever.

“Neuromancer” is renowned for introducing the concept of cyberspace and popularizing the term itself. Gibson’s style of writing is gritty, immersive, and cyberpunk, and it offers a vivid portrayal of a future where humanity and technology collide. With Henry Case at the helm, readers are taken on a thrilling ride through a futuristic world filled with danger, intrigue, and the limitless possibilities of the virtual realm.